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KimoCoin – The Coin from the people to the people!

Coded with Love For People

We have not created this coin commercial purpose just, as the largest part of cryptocurrencies in flow. We have created this coin because we strongly believe in the crypto ethic and to offer a brand-new side view of the effectiveness of cryptocoins in daily life.

KimoCoin is created by pupils, professors, graphic designer, web people, hardwa

re nerds and many other fanatics. We’re not a corporation, we’re not millionaire, and also we don’t intend to be popular. We just have to give our contribution to crypto globe, as well as we decide to do it in a BENEFICIAL method!


PoW, KGW & Adaptive-N for a risk-free network

KimoCoin uses Evidence of Work (scrypt ‘n’ flexible algo) make sure justness and protection. Proof of Work will be possible because The first day and also coins might be generated by GPU as well as CPU mining.
The Scrypt Flexible N-Factor make sure a long term ASIC resistance, and also give the chance to medium and also small miners to have revenue mining it, preventing the threat of hash rate syndicate of large whales or professional mining farm.


KimoCoin support your school profession Near You!

We desire to make feasible that this coin might be made use of in many methods to finance your study occupations, as we aim to make use of KimoCoin as method of repayment for university taxes, publications as well as products for study. We’re functioning hard to develop a collaboration in between many partners in the instructional area and allow KimoCoin be utilized for these objective.

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